Sarah Brown / glass artist

2007 BTec National Diploma in Art and Design, 2010 BA (Hons) Applied Arts – First. Sarah is a contemporary artist and designer specialising in producing unique artworks for retail and commission both large and small. Since graduating with a first class honours degree in Applied Arts in 2010, Sarah has continued to build upon her ideas and explore using her illustrative style in a number of ways including glass and other applications. Exhibition “Designer Crafts” /The Mall Galleries(UK), Great “Northern Contemporary Craft Fair”(Manchester, UK) , and more. Publications ”Vogue”, “Elle Decoration”, “Craft and Design Magazine”, etc. 



Nobuyasu Yoshida / glass artist

2002 Kinki University BA Fine art (Glass), 2005 University for the Creative Arts MA Contemporary Craft(Glass), 2006-2009 teach at Atelier craft Nishinomiya kiln work course, 2010 Established Studio"Glass-an" in Kobe. Nobuyasu is making artworks with Pate-de-verre technic mainly. The theme is nostalgia and transformation in his memory.  Exhibition ” Kobe art marche”(Kobe), “Tensai 108” (Tokyo), "Glass games" (London, UK), "Nagata cultural encouragement award" (Kobe, Japan) and more. 


Mai Kitai / ceramic artist

2008 BArch Civil and Environmental Engineering in Kanazawa Institute of Technology, 2010 enter Technical Training Institute of Kutani-yaki in Ishikawa, 2015 MA Crafts(Ceramic) in Kanazawa College of Art. Her work is very unique, using Japanese traditional painting and decorating style for ceramic, called "Kutani-yaki". Her uncomfortable feeling or what she feels strange in daily life appear as a decoration. Through her works, people will understand the sense of usual turn to unusual suddenly. Exhibition and award, Grand prix of "2nd Tensai", "HYOGEMONO"/(Paris, France) and more.

Hitomi Sugimoto / ceramic artist

2010 MA Crafts department(Ceramic) in Osaka university of Art. Hitomi is a contemporary artist who is making unique ceramic works. The colorful objects having poppy pattern, "Rakuen-no-mi" series is one of her major work. It has beautiful combination with a form of human figure and the line of flower or fruit such as a banana. When people face to her works, they feel not only her happiness also the theme of fruitfulness and pleasure. Exhibition “Oshiri”/Ban gallery(Osaka), "Sugimoto Hitomi"/ INAX gallery(Tokyo), "Flower Shower"/Art Space Kan(Kyoto) and more.

Masaki Tanaka / glass artist

2005 BA Craft(Glass) in Tama Art University ,  2006-2010 T.A. Glass course of Kobe Design University, 2010-2013 T.A. Toyama City Institute of Glass Art, 2013 Established studio in Futtsu-shi, Chiba. The objects having playful and artificial shape, "Parts Somewhere" series is one of his major work. When people find a shape that they saw it somewhere before like deja-vu in his works, they will understand that it's like a device to open their individual memories. Exhibition "Transformation of Glass"/gallery VOICE(Gifu), "Still Life"/gallery Prism Plus(Tokyo) and more.